Stone Maintenance


    • Spray a mild neutral, non-rinse Stone Cleaner on the surface of the stone and wipe clean with a small cloth towel.  Clean as often as you need to.
    • For dried on foods, let the cleaner soften the foods, and then wipe as usual.  You can also use a stiff edge plastic tool or utensil.  Do not use metal tools.
    • For heavy oil residue, apply two drops of dish soap to a wet sponge and wipe clean.
    • Cover stone when using acidic liquids on marble, limestone, and travertine.
    • Hot pans can usually be set directly on stone.
    • Cutting with knives on granite is ok. Marble and limestone will scratch. Cutting boards are recommended.
    • Do not stand or sit on countertops and overhangs.
    • Floors require cleaning with a damp mop and a concentrated non-rinse stone cleaner.
    • Schedule routine professional cleaning and sealing as recommended.  We recommend Perfect Granite Solutions.