Find the best deals on Quartz in Orange County at Bella Stones

The smoothest marble natural stone with veins has been generally preferred over the centuries. However, marble is expensive and difficult for users to maintain. Quartz at Bella Stones delivers the equivalent beautiful appearance without the cost and maintenance woes.

Durable for a longer period than marble, quartz works well for wall panels, countertops, tabletops and sinks without any problems whatsoever. Quartz can join natural stone with adhesives that solidify under heat and weight.

The strength comparison

As a natural stone, marble is more organic than laminates and wood. Natural marble is delicate and permeable and without sealing, can become stained. Heat can sear marble and chipping may result from water bottles. Reasonably priced quartz countertops are tremendously solid and resistant to stains, heat and chipping. The regular demands of day-to-day life do not affect quartz slabs from Bella Stones.

As far as upkeep goes

Comparable with regard to simple regular maintenance, marble and quartz both profit by cleaning by a microfiber cloth dipped in soapy water. However, marble requires yearly sealing to avoid stains. The sealing process itself isn’t an issue; however, drying and the odors take hours to go away. Quartz requires no sealing at all and no yearly maintenance is required with our quartz slabs in Southern California.

Think about the expenses

When considering the choice between quartz and marble, the costs are comparable, though marble is generally more expensive per square foot than quartz because marble requires more time for installation and execution. Quartz is heavier and requires more capacity to lift. Comparable cost factors shouldn’t contribute to the decision – rest assured that you will be getting the best deals on quartz in Orange County.

Consistency in appearance

Because quartz is a product made at Bella Stones, the best quartz gallery in Orange County, we offer extraordinary consistency. Our photos represent the products precisely. Since marble is a natural material found in nature, no two slabs would be comparable, much the same as snowflakes and raindrops are unique. An assortment of pressures and temperatures made marble in the earth – thus the differences.

Our assortment is extraordinary and we achieve breath-taking designs with quartz stones which are unique, delightful and visual appealing. Find the best designs and patterns in the top quartz showroom in Orange County, your trusted Bella Stones – we’ll provide just the distinction that your kitchen and bathroom needs.

Assessing your own preferences will help you choose the ideal quartz stone for your interiors. Bella Stones offers you the best stones along with our durability guarantee so choose from our wide range of shades, swirls and patterns today!