Highest quality of granite countertops in Orange County available here!

Granite is a natural stone and is therefore subject to natural varieties, offering a truly one-of-a-kind appearance. Aside from the strength and natural look of granite, it stays cool in a manner no other surface can, making it one of the best choices in cooking where ingredients need to be kept cool.

Our granite countertops in Orange County are available in an assortment of colors from light grays and whites to darker shades, enabling them to be coordinated with any design, stylistic layout and pattern. Designs are available from simple monotones to rich whirling patterns and dotting.

Granite is a light-hued stone with visible expansive grains. Granite is formed below the surface of the earth through the crystallization of magma. Our showroom in Orange County offers granite slabs in a wide variety of hues; they are ideal for  decorative pieces and renovations particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. At Bella Stones, you will receive in-depth information about granite usage and products.

Diverse hues and patterns

At our granite slab gallery in Orange County, you will discover over 100 shades of granite marble to choose from. As a customer, you are offered an opportunity to browse and consider different slabs before making your purchase. Our clients are given tremendous guidance in reviewing the various classifications of granite so that you can make the optimal choice  for your requirements.

Our granite countertops at Bella Stones are hand-crafted to perfectly coordinate with the theme and design of your home. Our team utilizes a unique shading design service that is accessible to customers; our outstanding customer service is the reason so many people keep coming back.

If you are not certain about what to choose and how to understand which granite is best for you, let our expert team inform and help you with your choice. For quality, durability and guarantees, our customers definitely get the best in the market. Visit Bella Stones and find your ideal granite countertops today.