Silestone: Introducing N-Boost

Silestone® N-Boost has improved the very molecular structure of marble surfaces. Now with an unbelievable resistance from stains, a more brilliant shine, and intense color the N-Boost technology revolutionizes stone surfaces.

The N-Boost modifies the material’s surface at a molecular level that improves the aesthetic purity and the overall technical performance. With an advanced chemical process that uses nanotechnology to modify the surface at a molecular level sealing any micro-pores. Typically, other quartz surfaces will use a wax layer to mimic this effect, but this layer will wear off over time. The N-Boost won’t.

The Hydro-Repellent property prevents the absorption of liquids, even after hours on the surface. This makes the surface much easier to clean taking away the worry of stains through the alteration in the material’s surface tension. Essentially, the modifications to the molecular property prevent any liquid from penetrating the surface. It’s not an additive layer nor a finish, it’s a treatment that merges structures with the Silestone material. It’s not something that can just wear off.

With this highly resistant quality comes with a shinier surface where light reflects more intensely. Thanks to the N-Boost, colors are more authentic and intense. The molecular fusion produces a built-in seal that won’t fade or degrade, giving you a long-lasting and brilliant shine. There are no grooves or porosities within Silestone N-Boost which makes the light reflect more directly.

According to Valentín Tijeras, Product and Innovation Director of Cosentino, “The spectacular brightness and intensity of colour we have achieved with this treatment process is without doubt yet another differentiating factor that continues to position us in the vanguard in terms of innovation in the quartz surface sector.” The N-Boost provides greater color saturation and extraordinary luster.

The Silestone® N-Boost also features the notable characteristics that have already set the brand apart. The product is compromised on 90% natural quartz and is manufactured in large size and customized formats. Along with the water-repellent property, the material is highly resistant to impact, heat, and scratching making its application versatile.


Silestone®’s new Eternal Collect and Iconic White/Black are the first lines that offer this new technology, but eventually, the remaining Silestone portfolio will include N-Boost.